Look at this guy, doesn’t he look happy?

Photo of me in front of the Federal Network Agency
Happy guy!

That’s a photo of my from last Wednesday. It was taken in front of the “Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway” here in Dresden. The reason I’m so happy in this photo is because it shows me just after taking — and passing — my ‘class E’ (Einsteiger — Beginner, or Amateur) amateur radio test!

It doesn’t mean that I’m a ham, yet. I had to apply for a callsign (which also costs money! — as did the test!) but that should be coming any day now and I’ll be able to get on the airwaves.

I still have a ways to go with this: I’ll need to learn Morse code (I’m thinking of making an app for this, as it seems like I’d learn the code in the process of testing it, and I am strangely fascinated by app creation at the moment) and I have to (read: want to) study up for the advanced class, so that I can use more of the short wave frequencies.

Still, look how happy that guy is! He’ll be just as happy when he gets his callsign in the mail one of these days.

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