My Habit Motivation Worksheet

So, I’m forcing (encouraging?) my English-learners to work with me on making language a habit. To that end, I’ve made a habit worksheet which I’m going to make them fill out (but not read to the class).

This is all part of a bigger project of mine, which is my learning Latin as we work together to talk about how to learn a language. So, to that end, I thought I’d share my answers here.

In the original, the questions are all about English, I’ve changed them here to be about Latin.

  1. Why are you learning Latin? — The short answer is to practice learning a language, but also, I’d like to get some language-nerd street cred and, to be honest, I’m 36 years old and want to prove there’s still some plasticity in my brain.
  2. When you imagine ‘sucess’ with Latin, what does that look like? It looks like me being able to read Julius Ceasar in the original, being able to describe my life in Latin, and being able to seek out other Latin speakers for conversation (whether I wind up liking that experience remains to be clear).
  3. Brainstorm a minute or two on things that would be good ‘tiny quotas’ for you, personally. I think that Memrise is a good personal quota, maybe focusing on doing both the Familia Romana and the Cambridge Latin Course courses. From there, I think that would push me to keep up with both courses, as the vocabulary caught up to my activity. I think that doing an exercises or two every day could be a realistic goal, so would (in the beginning, at least) finding a Vikipaedia article to read through. Also, I want to continue practicing reading Familia Romana out loud.
  4. Think about a normal day in your life. When could you find time to perform your tiny quota of work? I think that, for me, making it a goal to do a little bit each time I’m home and nobody else is is a good time. Or, to say that I’ll do Memrise before I open Facebook on my phone.

I’ve set a reminder for myself to come back to these things in a month and see how I think I’m doing. Right now — while I’m full of enthusiasm — I like the idea of making habits, forming who I am. Even more, I like the idea that I’m the kind of person who makes his mind up to learn a language and then learns it.