Picture Memory


Adding images to dynamic-efl.com was something I wanted to take care of in a ‘version 2.0’ or some other, later ‘new and improved’ update to the site. There are a lot of small things I want to clean up before soliciting users again.

However, I recently found out that I’ll be teaching a beginner’s class (the last ‘beginners’ I taught are now A2 and don’t really need pictures) and I figured that I’d better get the image activities working. After all, I’m the guy who beta-tests everything, and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to beta-test.

With that in mind, I’d like to announce that two of my groups will be playing picture memory tomorrow. (And, sadly, they probably won’t even appreciate that I’m excited about even having the activity to do.)

I got the basics done pretty quickly over two or three days. And, while there are still things to get done (right now users can create ‘translation memory’ or ‘picture memory,’ why not make a mixed mode that uses pictures where available and translations where they aren’t?) I’m back to focusing on ‘cleaning up’ the site to start asking people to try it.

Soon, I hope, I can report that I’m taking the next step.

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