The Translating Life

So, I’ve gone incognito for a while. And, while I have invested what feels like an entire weekend trying to set up a Virtual Machine for my python programming. (I’ll write about that when I’m finished being frustrated by it.)

The reason I’ve been out of touch is part of the reality of translating. Last week I had the opportunity to earn in a week translating what I normally earn in a month teaching. (Of course, I’ll still get paid for my teaching, so I just doubled this month’s income.)

So, I spent the last week basically hunkered over my computer translating a contract. It was interesting, and I got compliments on it when I was finished, but I’m still in recovery from the week spent hunkered down.

You know, one of the first things I saw when I first came to Germany was a forum conversation where someone was looking to house sit in different european capitals. The forum poster said she made her money translating and wasn’t attached to any one particular location. From that moment, I wanted to translate.

It turns out that translating, now that I’ve fallen into it as a second line of income, I appreciate the extra money. But, yeah, I miss my life whenever I get a contract. Now I’ve got to pick up a bunch of projects that have been dormant for a week.

That’s translating for you.