Free EFL Resources

As a guy who takes quite a bit from the internet, I thought it would be appropriate to give back a bit. After all, I write about creating resources quite a bit, so why not have a look at what I make.

Absurd business resources

These have been quite a hit with my groups because they try to maximize both fun and exposure to business vocabulary. I strongly recommend you read through these yourself, first, to make sure they are something that you want to teach. These worksheets are very much full of my kind of humor.

New Spork City

These are simple, single-page texts that I pass out in groups as ‘voluntary homework,’ with the goals of giving my students a positive encounter with English (reading without — or with minimal — dictionary use) as well as to develop their ‘ear’ for English. (Read the long, rambling post about them here.)

I aim these at my A2-ish classes, and some have to work more at reading them than others. But, they genuinely seem to enjoy the reading, so that’s something.

  1. Introducing Carmen. Carmen moves to the mythical New Spork City and starts everything off. You know this story: a young woman follows her dream to the big city…
  2. Carmen’s Arrival. Carmen gets to her destination and her father is skeptical. We get our first look at The Big House which is basically a commune where she’ll be living.
  3. Carmen’s Apartment. We finally get our first look at where Carmen will be living while she’s in New Spork City. It’s a tiny, two-bedroom apartment which is probably huge by NYC standards…
  4. Introducing Henry. We met Henry in passing in the Carmen story and, while Carmen is present all the way through this one, it’s the first one about someone else. It’s mostly about the house at large.
  5. Henry’s History. We learn that Henry grew up in the Big House and why he came back. Again, this is mostly Henry and Carmen talking about the Big House.
  6. Henry’s Garden. This was going to be more about his garden (see the title), but wound up being about Henry more generally. Still, I got to get Henry the vegan to say “nobody likes vegans.” There is a reading comprehension quiz that follows this episode if you want to use it as an opportunity to discuss the story in class.
  7. Dinner with Dad. Back to Carmen’s perspective, this is her dad taking her out to eat in New Spork City. There’s minimal waiter dialogue and a short bit of life wisdom from her dad (who, basically, is a less jolly version of my dad.)
  8. After Dinner. Carmen says goodbye to her dad and gets the rare “I’m proud of you” and goes inside to meet the girl who lives above Carmen’s apartment and apologizes for how loud her family is.
  9. Sunday Morning at the O’Malley’s. Introducing the O’Malley family. They live right above Carmen, and we get to see Mr. O’Malley waking up and planning the day with his wife.
  10. A picknick lunch. The O’Malleys all go to the park to spend time at a playground and have a picknick lunch. It’s my version of herding cats through a city.
  11. Planning dinner and shopping. We see the tired O’Malley’s on their way back home. Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley plan out a dinner and stop for some shopping before heading back to the Big House.