New Spork City Stories

new spork city

These are a collection of stories set in the fictional New Spork City. I target them at an A2 level, but have decided to use complex grammar when it makes the story somehow better or more understandable. My goal is that, with time, students get a feeling for a grammar without necessarily understanding it.

Each story is written in the present tense (to reinforce the third person singular, which my students need help with) and includes footnotes on vocabulary that I think may need explanation. The stories are in blocks, following individual characters and are intended to be read in the order they’re presented here.

Carmen comes to New Spork City

This series of stories follows Carmen, who moves (in the first story) to New Spork City in order to begin her first ‘real’ job and to experience the excitement of life in the big city. It’s an introduction to the Big House (where most of the characters we will be following live and interact) as well as to the city itself.

Carmen comes to New Spork City

Henry’s Startup Idea

Henry is the first other character we meet (in his first story), and he has an idea for a startup company which he is pursuing while working at the help desk of a large, anonymous corporation. Will Henry ever get his business off the ground?

Henry’s Startup Idea

The O’Mally Family

There is nothing special about the O’Malley family, except that they got lucky enough to get an apartment in the Big House. We will follow them through a week or two of their day-to-day, seeing how one family deals with problems that every family has. Their first story starts on the Sunday after Carmen arrives.

The O’Malley Family