Carmen Comes to New Spork City

new spork cityThese stories follow Carmen as she arrives in New Spork City and gets settled in. The stories footnote vocabulary that I think students might struggle with. I made vocabulary review worksheets after every twelve new vocabulary words, using my worksheet generator.

  1. Carmen’s big move: Carmen’s father drives her to the house where her apartment is located.
  2. Carmen’s arrival: Carmen arrives and meets two neighbors. One of the neighbors is her landlord. (There is a vocabulary review available after this story. With an answer key)
  3. Carmen’s apartment: Carmen gets to see her apartment and then moves in. (Vocab review – Answer key)
  4. Dinner with dad: Carmen’s dad takes her to dinner in the city.
  5. After dinner: After dinner, her dad says goodbye and Carmen meets one more neighbor. (Vocab reviewAnswer key)
  6. Carmen’s Sunday morning: Carmen’s first Sunday morning in New Spork City.
  7. The barbecue: Carla Geldsack has a barbecue to welcome Carmen to the Big House. (Vocab review – Answer key)
  8. Carmen goes to work: After the barbecue, Carmen finds it hard to get to work on time. (Carmen Vocab 005Carmen Vocab 005 – answer key)
  9. Welcome to AnonCorp: Carmen finally gets to her job! Someone picks her up in the lobby and brings her to her new manager. (Not enough vocabulary for a new review, but there’s a crossword with some of the vocab so far)