The Tomato Paste Experiment

A tablespoon of tomato paste

So, forever ago, we came across a documentary on YouTube which seemed to suggest that the lycopine in tomato paste helped your skin protect itself against sunburn. And, while the article I found to link to expressly says “that doesn’t mean you should stop using suntan lotion,” that’s what I want to do.

I’ve been opposed to the stuff for a while and never use it myself, unless I’m going to go shirtless in the sun for quite a while (the beach!). But, even then, I’d rather just be that guy who bathes in his t-shirt.

I very seldom get sunburnt, which I attribute to being out in it quite a lot running and just being alive. But, we do still slather suntan lotion on our kids, and I don’t like it.

So, this summer I’ve been taking a tablespoon of tomato paste every day. If I get through the summer without sunburn or sunscreen, I’ll start forcing it on my kids next summer. (And, believe me, I can’t wait for that battle every morning.)

Still, we’ll see.