The Projects

The Obstacle is the Way

A book on the practical application of stoicism to everyday life that impressed me so much that I’ve decided to reflect on each chapter, in writing, individually. You can follow along from the project page, or just keep track of the blog posts I write about it.

The Worksheet Generator

The product of my obsession for a while, this project stems from my belief that anything that can be automated should be (providing, I suppose, it doesn’t bring you any joy). And, in this case, the joyless task I’d like to automate is generating worksheets for my EFL students.

Feel free to keep track of this project via the blog posts on it.

Papa’s Work

More a proof of concept than anything else, “Papa’s Work” is an app-in-progress to demonstrate the way I want to tell my stories. The story is told by a child (oddly, with my adult voice) about Papa’s work, but the child’s imagination works on the descriptions and complaints Papa has given about work.

To be fair, the story is probably more for adults, but they’re the ones who I’m selling this idea to.

Check out the blog posts I write as I work on “Papa’s Work.”


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