The Obstacle is the Way

This summer, I took Ryan Holiday’s “The Obstacle is the Way” on the airplane and found myself really impressed with it. Impressed to the point that I frequently caught myself thinking hmm, I should really take more time to think about that.

From that feeling a blog project was born: I would read each chapter of the book and reflect on it in writing. And, surprisingly, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Here’s where you can keep track of that project.

Part One: Perception

  1. The discipline of perception
  2. Recognize your power
  3. Steady your nerves
  4. Control your emotions
  5. Practice objectivity
  6. Alter your perspective
  7. Is it up to you?
  8. Live in the present moment
  9. Think differently
  10. Finding the opportunity
  11. Prepare to act

Part two: Action

  1. The discipline of action
  2. Get moving
  3. Practice persistence
  4. Iterate
  5. Follow the process
  6. Do your job, do it right
  7. What’s right is what works
  8. In praise of the flank attack
  9. Use obstacles against themselves
  10. Channel your energy
  11. Seize the offensive
  12. Prepare for none of it to work

Part three: Will

  1. The discipline of will
  2. Build your inner citadel
  3. Anticipation (thinking negatively)
  4. The art of acquiescence
  5. Love everything that happens: amor fati
  6. Perseverance
  7. Something bigger than yourself
  8. Meditate on your mortality
  9. Prepare to start again